A downloadable game for Windows

Hi, I am SpiritJZL, and this is my work for LD34. This my second try of ludum dare, I think my performance is better than last time:)

The theme is "two button controls" and "growing", and I decided to use both at begining, and then I thought about what to make for a long time……The final answer is the classic "snake".

But my snake is not a normal one. It grows without eating! And what it keeps eating is actually diet pills which can reduce its tails.

←→ or AD to control, the Dir of snake is not always the Dir of monitor!

Head grows 4/s, tail reduce 1/s, 1 gem will reduce 5 tails!

1 gem +3 points, head cross body -1 point each time, the wall is untouchable!

Sorry for the big size as a snake game, maybe this is the weak point of UE4. As the compo rules goes, the rar pack contains the src, but may need UE4.10.1 to open it


Growing_Snake.rar 67 MB