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Hi, I am SpiritJZL, and this is my work for LD34. This my second try of ludum dare, I think my performance is better than last time:)

The theme is "two button controls" and "growing", and I decided to use both at begining, and then I thought about what to make for a long time……The final answer is the classic "snake".

But my snake is not a normal one. It grows without eating! And what it keeps eating is actually diet pills which can reduce its tails.

←→ or AD to control, the Dir of snake is not always the Dir of monitor!

Head grows 4/s, tail reduce 1/s, 1 gem will reduce 5 tails!

1 gem +3 points, head cross body -1 point each time, the wall is untouchable!

Sorry for the big size as a snake game, maybe this is the weak point of UE4. As the compo rules goes, the rar pack contains the src, but may need UE4.10.1 to open it

Published Dec 14, 2015
TagsLudum Dare 34


Growing_Snake.rar 67 MB