A downloadable game for Windows

Hello there! I am SpiritJZL:)

Welcome to my 3rd LD. I have to say every time the theme is not fit to my preparation...but finally got it done, a six-in-a-row game. You may be familiar with five-in-a-row, but five is far too easy for my game, so I raised to 6

here is the instruction of my work:

1.This is a six-in-a-row game,who makes a row of six block with same color wins. All 4 direction count(↑↓,←→,↖↘,↙↗)

2.This is a 2-player game due to its very type, but 1 person play 2 roles is also kind of fun

3.Players will take turns to click the spheres around the map, then the sphere will change its color,1 in red, 1 in blue

4.The color of every block depends on 4 sphere of its corner,

if red>blue , show red,

if red<blue , show blue,

if red=blue , show yellow(yellow won't affect game resault)

5.Again,who makes a row of six block with same color wins.

You can find the instruction in game too, finally I have to say UE4 is not suitable for small games like this, for the file size is too large(105Mb uncompressed).What's in it?

15Mb for the game content I created,37Mb for the engine file, 38Mb for the system setup file, and 80Mb for the PhysX!!!!(luckily I found 70Mb of PhysX is pdb and deleted them)

That's all, in Chinese '6' could mean "good at". So, How 6 could you be in my game?

Source project is packed in the 7z file,you may need UE4.11.1 to open it


GiveMeSix.7z 56 MB